Founded in Michigan (USA), American Recording Productions are producers/distributors of world music, specializing in traditional Armenian and Middle Eastern sounds and rhythms. Using traditional and cultural elements in all of the productions, these include an array of instruments indigenous to the countries of Armenia, Greece, Bulgaria, Arabic nations and the Near East. Instruments such as kanun (laptop harp), oud (pear shape lute), duduk (flute) cumbus (banjo), dumbeg (hand drum) to name a few. American Recording Productions brings world music to a higher level for the masses.

Several world music artists represented on the American Recording Productions label range from Armenian virtuoso Mal Barsamian and oudist George Mgrdichian to Greek clarinetists Vasilios Saleas and Dimitri Stoynoff. The record label was created by Ara Topouzian, an Armenian kanun player, with award winning releases which have been featured in motion pictures, stage performances, and commercials.