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Armenian Duduk Manual
This manual is meant to help either the beginner, with no prior musical experience, to start his study of the Duduk, or for the novice and intermediate player to expand their capabilities. It is meant to not only teach the player the mechanics of the instrument but to impart an appreciation and basic understanding of the beauty, complexity, and structure of Middle Eastern Music; to help the player become a musician.  Contents include: The Duduk, Getting Started and Care, Embouchure, Vibrato, Starting to Play, Fingering, Ornamentation, Ornamentation Exercises, Double and Triple Tonguing, Melodies, Putting it All Together, Understanding Rhythmic Cycles, Drumming, Compendium of Rhythmic Cycles, Scales and Makams, and Transcriptions.
This PDF contains illustrations and actual Armenian songs to play on the duduk. It will be emailed to your valid email address once payment is authorized.
There is no accompanying CD of music or a hardcopy of a book, this is a PDF version of the book.

Duduk Reeds ($10 ea)

The duduk is very sensitive, and the reed is very important. Each duduk comes with one free reed, but you can order additional ones through us. It is recommended to store your reeds in a ziplock-type of bag in order to prevent the reed from drying out. All of our reeds fit all of our Duduks.

Authentic Armenian Duduks ($60)

This musical instrument has been called the magical wooden oboe of Armenia. For the first time in the US, you can purchase authentic duduks from Armenia at a reasonable cost. Below is a list of frequently asked questions that will assist you in your search of the Armenian duduk.

Are the duduks you sell authentic?
Yes! Each duduk is handpicked by musician and president of American Recording Productions – Ara Topouzian, this instrument is made out of apricot wood and intended for both the amateur and professional musician. We have sold hundreds of these instruments to people that want to give a gift of Armenia to someone and we have sold them to professional classical woodwind musicians. 

Does the duduk come with a reed?
Each duduk comes with one free reed.

How long are the duduks?
The size of each duduk we sell is approximately 13-14 inches with nine holes (8 holes and a thumb hole). the reeds are approximately 4 1/2 inches long. Please note that all duduks are handmade in Armenia, therefore the size of each instrument varies by usually no more than 1 inch. Due to the nature of this instrument, we can not guarantee an exact size of the instrument.

Guardians of Music: A History of Armenian Music in Detroit (DVD, $20)
This one-hour film documentary, produced and narrated by Detroit Armenian musician and 2012 Kresge Artist Fellow Ara Topouzian, chronicles the history of generations of local Armenian music masters. Traditional Armenian folk music ranges from ballads that describe centuries of village life to upbeat dance songs performed at weddings, community dances, and picnics. These traditions have been handed down by generations of musicians, as well as survivors of the Armenian Genocide of 1915. The film features visits to metro Detroit locations where Armenian music was once prominent, as well as rare interviews with musicians and nightclub patrons of that era.