Doug Shimmin has been performing world music in Detroit, Michigan USA for several years. After years of traditional ethnic music, Shimmin entered into another world of music involving electronic forms of digital music. Not forgetting his roots, Shimmin engaged the talents of Ara Topouzian on the kanun, clarinet and the Armenian duduk and Ben Temkow joins on violin along with other multifaceted artists from the Detroit area.

The Bulgarian Tamboura
Valeri Dimchev trio was formed by Valeri Dimchev and Anton Apostolov in 1991. Drago Dimov (percussions) was the third in the Acoustic trio. Later Desislava Dimcheva (vocal) joined Valeri and Anton, and that formed the present shape of the trio.The constant search of new ideas, styles and experiments shapes the image of the group. But the thing which invariably characterizes the music of the trio is the link with the intonatial and rhythmic traditions of Bulgarian folklore. Here we find the typical unequal rhythms 7/8, 9/8, 11/8 etc., together with traditional instruments(tamboura, tarambuka) and singing. Musicians include: Valeri Dimchev Trio includes: Valeri Dimchev (tamboura); Desislava Dimchev (vocals); Anton Apostolov (acoustic guitar); Drago Dimov (percussion).