Mid East

Mystical Veil
Featuring Mal Barsamian on the clarinet, a multi-talented musician who performs extensively throughout the country, Barsamian dazzles audiences with his musical abilities. Accompanied with Ara Topouzian on kanun adding to the Middle Eastern flavor of this album with his sounds. Mike Gregian on darbuka, an excellent percussionist, fills all the gaps with his drumming. Stepan Megerdichian on bass provides the driving bottom end along with Phaedra and her ability to dazzle audiences with her finger cymbal techniques. A must for all belly dancers and lovers of the art of belly dance and Middle Eastern music.

One Man’s Passion
George Mgrdichian, Armenian oud virtuoso is best known for his decades of classical and Middle Eastern performances which ranged from nightclubs to Carnegie Hall. Created initially for a wealthy Arab sheik who heard George perform at a New York City concert several years ago, the sheik enjoyed George’s sound so much that he commissioned him to make an album of ancient Arabic folklore songs with a heavy jazz influence. Unfortunately, the sheik never heard the music as he died enroute to see George. Thus this recording was released a few years after his death. The musicians on this recording also include Nick Mandoukos (guitar, 12-string guitar); Mohamed El Akkad (kanun); Souren Baronian (soprano saxophone); Hanna Mirhige (deff, tambourine).

The Art of Arabic Folk Music
Quintet of Arabic Instruments. Recorded at the Studio Shukri Bou Hawala, Tunis. Solo improvisations (taqsim) of each instrument and performance by the ensemble of classical tunes in Tunisia. Musicians include: Slah Eddin Manaa: nay(flute), Jamel Abid : qanun (zither), Ridha Chemek : ‘ud(lute), Nabil Zammit : violin, Zoubair Messai : tar(tambourine)