About Us

Welcome to American Recording Productions! We are one of the pioneers in the production of traditional world music, specializing in Armenian and Middle Eastern music since 1991. I founded this world music label with the ongoing intention of creating global awareness of the traditional elements in Middle Eastern music. Our reach is global thru the web and numerous music stores.

Ara Topouzian

Since the beginning, it has been an evolving business, intially focusing on cassettes, then CDs, now digital downloading. As a musician and enthusiast of Armenian and Middle Eastern music, I have enjoyed producing recordings that have become popular in homes around the world.

Our productions have been honored in several ways over the years. A major book chain retailer had incorporated our music within their telephone on-hold systems, some of our albums have won musical awards and other albums have made their way to the motion picture screen and stage productions. Three of our recordings raised a combined $100,000 for various charities.

Thank you for visiting American Recording Productions and I hope you enjoy visiting our online store!

Ara Topouzian